Friday, June 1, 2012

This Is What Equality Looks Like!

DC gets it right!

In their soon-to-be-published story, Green Lantern isn't only gay - He actually gets to kiss his BF.

Unlike Marvel, who in their recent Northstar wedding issue tried not to alienate their more homophobic readers by showing on their cover the two gay men at their wedding standing a comfortable arms-length apart:

Even in the variant cover edition, Marvel shows us the happily wedded couple moments before their kiss:

Unless you think that Marvel is just a little more conservative in how they picture all of their heroes, consider these wedding pics of other Marvel characters. This cover from another issue of X-Men, for example:

Or these images from the Fantastic Four:

This is the difference between celebrating marriage equality and tolerating marriage equality for the sake of bringing in a couple of extra bucks from your gay readers. After all, when Kevin Keller got married in Archie comics, the issue was such a huge success that the publishers had to order a second printing for the first time in their history. Marvel just want$ a piece of that pie.

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