Thursday, November 4, 2010

UPDATED VIDEO of the 5/2/10 DADT Rally in Washington, DC!

With everyone on the internet (and on cable, and on TV, and on street corners) offering up their analysis of the election results yesterday, I thought I'd make my initial blog entry about something completely different.

Yesterday was also the 6-month anniversary of the rally in DC against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" that ended with the arrests of six demonstrators: Alan Bounville, Nora Camp, Iana DiBona, Natasha Dillon, Mark Reed-Walkup and Anne Tischer.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell US to Wait UPDATED 11/2/10 from David Wallace on Vimeo.

This rally featured the most varied group of DADT activists I have seen gathered in one location, officers and enlisted men and women from the Viet Nam era to the Iraq war.  There were Democrats, Republicans and members of the Green Party, liberals and conservatives, all united in their determination to see a full and unconditional repeal of DADT.  The speakers included: Robin Chaurasiya, Jarrod Chlapowski, Lt. Dan Choi, Tanya L. Domi, Justin Crockett Elzie, Alex Nicholson, Jim Pietrangelo II, Aubrey Sarvis, Brett Edward Stout, Evelyn Thomas and the former Chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean.

I've updated this documentary with a new epilogue to reflect the changes (and lack thereof) in the status of the ongoing struggle for repeal.  On recently seeing the original version, one activist from GetEQUAL commented, "GREAT job! Felt like I was really there."  Which was exactly what I wanted - to share the day with those who, for whatever reason, couldn't be there.

I hope this inspires everyone who sees it to join us in keeping the pressure on Washington to repeal this discriminatory (and unconstitutional) law.

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