Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homophobes Going for a Third Bite of the Apple

Apple has rejected the Manhattan Declaration's anti-LGBT iPhone app for a second time.

You may remember that, in November, the LGBT community presented Apple with a petition signed by 8,000 people demanding that they remove the app, which among other things told supporters of marriage equality that they were "wrong," from its store. Apple quickly removed the app.

The religious right then responded with a petition of their own, signed by 46,000 people, asking that a "modified" version of the app be sold.

But Apple has decided that even though the promoters of the app have more "votes," their slightly "modified" version would still be "'likely to expose a group to harm" and "be objectionable and potentially harmful to others" and has again rejected it.

Did the Manhattan Declaration's signers think they would win Steve Jobs over to their side with PR like this?

The Manhattan Declaration's  organizers plan to take the matter back to Apple's App Review Board after they return from the Christmas and New Year's holiday observances.

If you'd like thank Apple directly for their decision and urge them to continue to stick to their guns, the phone number for their corporate headquarters is 408-996-1010.

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